Friday, November 30, 2012

The present is built upon the past

using the church to separate from the world rather than reach out to it
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“Until we can remove from the minds of the people the impression that the current Christianity of the age is true Christianity, we can do but little towards promoting a revival of pure religion.” 
-Charles Finney, Revivalist 1792-1875

Many People today have a rather negative perception of the church. Even by present day Christians. For some there is this idea that the church of the past was so much better than the one of this age. Yet if we take note of the quote above made by a man who died over a century ago, it would seem that he saw something tragically missing from that church of the past that we long for and see as superior. Why is that? Granted, church is not something we probably have ever put much thought into definition wise. If we grew up in the church we merely live by what we experienced. If not our perception is probably based upon what we have heard. Yet scripture paints a rather vivid picture of what the purpose of church should be. The question is are we really living up to the scriptural ideal, or did Charles Finney hit the mark with his assessment; an assessment that’s still true today. This is exactly what we will be taking a long hard look at within this blog.