Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bad Judgement

‎"It is easy to know that 'there is a way somewhere,' and even perhaps to know that others aren't on it... But this knowledge is useless unless it helps one find the way. If it merely becomes a standard of judgment, a means of showing up others and judging them for having lost their way, it is no use to anyone." 

-Thomas Merton

There is a lot of truth in this quote. For judgement, truly is of no use to anyone. It's not even any use to the Christian that chooses to judge. When a believer does that they are violating the very truth they claim to be up lifting. Not just because scripture condemns the act of judgement. (Matt 7:1-6) Judgment is also an act of pride, rather than humility, which is not very Christ like. (Pr. 11:2, 13:10) It is also a very unloving action. Which violates Jesus' commands. (Jn 15:12)  As you can see, judgment is one of the most self-condemning actions a believer can engage in. 

Well what about the one being judged? Let me put it this way. Do you like to be treated unkindly, rudely, impatiently, critically, and disrespectfully, as judgment does? Somehow I doubt it. Perhaps the better question is are you happy to conform to people who treat you that way. More likely all it ever inspires is rebellion. Guess what, nobody you judge is ever going to respond any better. So when you get down to it, judgment leads more people astray than put them on the straight and narrow. Which is also another self-condemning action of the judgmental. (Luke 17:2)

What do we observe in the world today? Non believers who are quick to fight fire with fire, by condemning critical Christians. They are saying that they claim to be about love, but look at how they love, with impatience, unkindness, rudeness, arrogant pride, criticism, and with judgment. 

No wonder Christ condemned the act of judgment, it's an evil act that is not only ineffective but self defeating. Who can ever begin to calculate the damage bad judgment has done to the church? 

two people belittling little girl
Made to feel small

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Great Divide

Here is a quote that sums up what I aspire to in my work.

The parables, as sometimes understood, were not earthly illustrations that shed light on otherwise inscrutable spiritual realities, in fact, they hid as much as they illuminated, and they were tools that separated those genuinely seeking God from the religiously complacent, or merely curious. The parables revealed the divide between these groups. Those who were just entertainment seekers went away puzzled, but for those who were earnestly seeking God, the parables became means for further exploration and pursuit of Jesus. -Adam S. McHugh

someone assembling their Christianity
The pieces won't put themselves together